You start anywhere, with whatever you have – on the floor, with background noise, and closed eyes. If you have a smartphone, I recommend downloading the Insight Timer app. It has a ton of guided fear of being sober meditations, as well as soothing music and recovery themed meditations. Even if you can only do it for one minute a day, it helps to relax, reflect, and breathe in moments of anxiety.

Many people do not like the idea of being “different.” The idea of being a non-drinker is something every sober person must accept and many who are afraid cannot. Pain is what we’ve always tried to avoid by drinking and drugging. Feeling pain is not ideal for those of us who are in active addiction and part of sobriety is feeling everything, even the pain. This can scare people to the core, but pain can be worked through.

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However, researchers said when the brain realizes no imminent danger lurks around the corner, this can be interpreted as a state of arousal and positivity. A study conducted by Concordia University, St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota, said the enjoyment some people get from fear is likely not from fear itself. Click below to consent to the above or make granular choices. Your choices will be applied to this site only. The Cabin Chiang Mai offers luxury, residential rehab for all forms of addiction. Contact us for an over-the-phone assessment to see how we can help.

For people who do not consider themselves “horror” fans, true crime podcasts, documentaries, and murder-mystery novels tend to produce a similar reaction. The answer, according to Dr. Olatunji, is all in the human instinct. The fight-or-flight response is accompanied with an accelerated heart rate, heavy breathing, and other physical sensations.

How to Address Your Biggest Fear In Recovery

Jordan and company haven’t had a chance to weaponize the government against their political foes. Horror movies, for example, can trigger said fight-or-flight response due to the impending threats we see on screen. Fear is always about loss; it is present only when there is desire.

So for some people, sobriety can be a bit scary. One thing that all addicts have in common when starting recovery is that they are often afraid of the process. One day we wake up and can’t help but wonder, what on earth went wrong. Our alcoholic tendencies have battened the hatches and prepared for war. The battle upstairs gets ever more intensive, and we sink lower and lower into this revolving door of powerlessness and unmanageability.

Sobriety Fear #13 – You can’t do it.

You’ve battled this far through detox and made the decision to get help. They worry about the process and pain of detox. They struggle with the thought that they need to open up about their past scars. Many people simply do not know if it will work.

  • ” Lifestyle modifications can be uncomfortable and perhaps even generate anger and resentment.
  • However, it is important to remember that sobriety is not something to be afraid of.